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Dec. 6th, 2009

Cat Woman


Well, 2009 has been kind of a rotten year, but I hope everyone is looking forward to a happy holiday season!

I'm afraid I have some unhappy news today -- The Town Drunk will be closing, with no further issues planned at this time. Over the past year, a variety of circumstances have interfered with my work on the magazine, causing many delays. I don't believe this is fair to you, our wonderful authors and readers. Thus, I have decided to relinquish my position as Editor-in-Chief. It pains me to take this step, and I hesitated a long time in doing so.

As Publisher, I will continue to maintain The Town Drunk's website indefinitely, and I will most likely restructure it as an "online anthology." I am open to transferring editorship of the magazine to someone else at a later date, but I don't foresee that happening anytime soon.

I have already contacted the authors whose stories were pending publication. If you were awaiting feedback on a submission, you may consider it released (though it is my intention to e-mail you individually as well).

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, etc. I will do my best to answer or address them.

Thank you for all your support!

Nov. 7th, 2009

Cat Woman

November Issue Now Online

The November 2009 Issue is now online. This month we feature:


Assemble an Alien by Antha Ann Adkins

Exchanging toys with alien species is a great way to build interstellar friendships... or is it?

The Wingie by S. R. Gruber

A pinkish gold puffball nestled between the baby’s cheek and shoulder, covered in sparkly scales and wrapped up in rice paper wings... It raised its narrow head to look back at her, blinking slowly through thin lids... A dragon, no bigger than her fist. In the crib.



Oct. 31st, 2009

Cat Woman

November Issue on the Way!

Hi Folks,

Well, between the wreckage of my office, travel, day-job business, and the ongoing situation with my mom and her house, I didn't manage to get an October issue out for you. I'm very sorry about that -- mortified, actually -- and it is my hope and expectation that the next twelve months will be much, much less traumatic for me. I know quite a few authors are waiting on feedback, edits, etc. from me, and my goal is to wrap up all that communication very shortly.

I'm putting the final touches on the November issue, so expect to see that soon. I'm also planning to work on subsequent issues this weekend and in the coming week. (No NaNoWriMo for me.) We have a lot of great material in inventory, and we look forward to sharing it with you!

Happy Halloween,
The Editor

Oct. 6th, 2009

Cat Woman

October Issue Delay

Hi, Folks. I'm sorry the October issue is running so late. I had to basically dismantle my office for a renovation, and then *that* had to be postponed unexpectedly. This is making it difficult for me to get all the necessary paperwork in order and actually produce the issue. And now I'm about to go out of town on a trip that's been planned for six months. Is Mercury in retrograde or something?

Anyway, I'll get the issue online as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience!

Sep. 3rd, 2009

Cat Woman

September Issue Now Online

The September 2009 Issue is now online. This month we feature:


Squeak by Amanda Davis

The repairman insists there are rats in the basement, but the homeowner doesn’t hear so much as a...

I Think I Broke My Human by Craig Watson

A malfunctioning human is always a challenge for customer service.



Aug. 1st, 2009

Cat Woman

August Issue Now Online

The August 2009 Issue is now online. This month we feature:


Self-Made Man by Nora Fleischer

In this period piece, a savvy country girl finds gainful employment—as a man—in old New York. But what’s the price of her ambition?



Jul. 5th, 2009

Cat Woman

July Issue, Submissions Re-Opening Delayed

I'm afraid that our July issue, like our June issue, will be a bit delayed, but I'll be working on it this week -- barring more emergencies. I apologize profusely and thank you for your patience.

I had originally hoped to reopen the magazine to submissions today or tomorrow. However, one of our star submissions editors is attending Odyssey at the moment, and he won't be available for some weeks. I figure it's best to wait until his return before kicking off a new reading period. Anyhow, I'll keep you all posted.

I hope all our American friends had a wonderful 4th of July!

Jun. 6th, 2009

Cat Woman

June 2009 Issue Online

The June 2009 Issue is now online. This month we feature:


The Bastard Saga by Abby Rustad

Bast is the Chosen One, commissioned by a doomed wizard to save the world from Rackshalok, Prince of Demons and Lord of the Underworld. But what's in it for Bast?



Jun. 4th, 2009

Cat Woman

June Issue Running a Little Behind...

Just wanted to let you all know that there will be a June issue. It's almost ready -- just running a little behind schedule.

My husband was struck by a car recently while riding his bike. He's recovering, but I'm still contending with the aftermath. In any event, I'll be back in touch soon...

May. 10th, 2009

Cat Woman

Next Issue Delayed Until June

I regret to report that we won't be able to put together a May issue after all. Again, I am really the only bottleneck here, as I continue to deal with some challenging family issues; this past week was particularly difficult for me. Things should start getting better from here on out, though, at least for a little while. I will do my best to get caught up by the end of the month and have a brand new issue out the first of June.

Thank you for your continued patience -- I really apologize for the delay.

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